Re-Ignite Your Dreams

Are you in a slump and have lost your passion? Or maybe you don’t know what your passions and goals are in the first place, but you want to find out.  Maybe you have tried to go for your goals, but haven’t gotten there so now you feel discouraged. Do you want to re-ignite your dreams but your just don’t know how? Well you’re in the right place.

We all have these moments so don’t feel like you are alone <3

After the Olympics, I felt so lost. I didn’t know it at the time but I was. I had just achieved the most impossible and unimaginable dream that I ever thought was possible. My entire life revolved around that moment, those days of competing in Rio, and then all of a sudden, those days passed and I stepped into a black abyss of unknown.

It has taken me time to figure out what I want, and it is STILL a work in progress! Don’t be discouraged – if you want to re-ignite your dreams you WILL get there, I promise. Having an open mind is the first step.

Here are a few of my tips:

  1. Journal

    Write. About about anything; your thoughts, your feelings, your day, your frustrations. Put pen to paper or fingers to a keyboard and let whatever is inside you flow out – it helps clear your mind and its free therapy!

  2. Share with the ones you love

    Maybe writing isn’t for you, I get it – then talk! Call up a best friend or family member and talk to them about how your are feeling and what you are thinking. They are there for those reasons. And maybe talking about such topic is hard, so go buy a nice bottle of wine and have that chat with a drink and let it out. Keeping all those thoughts in never helps and only leads to more frustration.

  3. Be silly, be creative, have fun

    Chill out, let your hair down and have some fun, whether that be dancing, outdoor activities or being creative life, is meant to be enjoyed! You will be surprised what comes to you when you are actually breathing, laughing, smiling and enjoying life!

  4. Try new things

    Maybe you don’t know what your dreams are because you haven’t found them yet! As cliche as it sounds there is truly something out there for everyone! So go take a new exercise class, do pottery, try out a sport you’ve never done, learn a new language or travel to a different places. This world is filled with SO many wonderful things just waiting to be discovered but you will never find them until you step out of your everyday circle, keep an open mind and try something new – who knows maybe you’ll even find yourself becoming an unlikely Olympian 😉

  5. Source knowledge an inspiration

    This crazy virtual world we live in is magical because we have access to SO MUCH free quality content at our finger tips! Check out YouTube, look for new podcasts or even watch a new documentary on Netflix. Keep learning and sourcing inspiration and maybe it light a spark in you again!

Here are some of my favourites:

YouTube: Peta Kelly – What Excites You! 

Podcasts: The Kickass Life Podcast with David Wood

Netflix: Fork Over Knives – Lee Fulkerson

6. Let go and let it be…

Let go, chiiiiiill oooouuttt. Dreams, inspiration and motivation don’t come from sources of stress when we are wound up and stuck. Live you life, laugh will your friends, spend time with your family … relax, and inspiration may hit you when you least expect it.


You got THIS!! Let me know if these tips helped and if you have any other suggestions I would love to hear!

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