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I’ve been pretty quite here lately. There has been a lot of shifting going on in my own life in an amazing way! I feel like to be able to write about it all you need to understand it all first, but recently I am realising the beauty of sitting within the unknown.

So often in life we want to know the answer, the cheat sheet, the  w a y  to solve the issue. We  S T R I V E  for understanding, clarity and all knowing of a situation. As a society we struggle to sit, ruminate and be okay in the unknown of what is.

Don’t get me wrong I find it really hard too! I want to know the answer (but only if the answer works out the way I want it too!) Bless our little hearts, we want and love having “clarity” when the clarity aligns with what  W E  desire. And in the end we all know that we don’t always get what we want, but we always get what we need.

The past few months theres been so much shifting – from Uni finishing to moving house to meeting so many new beautiful soul friends to tapping in to figure out what I really want in          L I F E.

I have been in existing in a magnitude unknown.

Sitting with mystery and playing with possibility, dancing with desire and realising that it is okay sometimes be  U N C L E A R.

To not know the answer.

To just sit within the beauty of trust and realise that you are exactly where you need to be when you wake up in the morning




with a  S M I L E spreading across your face.

What I do know is that I want to keep leaning into bliss, stepping into happiness and knowing that the  P A T H  may not be P A V E D, it isn’t always easy and there is never a direct line to          J O Y  but as long as we keep working in that direction we are on the right path.

I don’t know the answers.

I never want to claim that this is the one way that works for everyone because we are all just souls living a human experience and figuring out what works for U S.

But what works for me is being K I N D with myself, continuing to lean into what E X C I T Eme and never allowing fear to dominate my life.

And at the very most paramount of all – T R U S T <3

Whatever you believe in – whether it a God, multiple gods, the Universe, some greater source or just yourself.

T R U S T  that it will all be okay <3

Because I promise you, when you D O – it always  I S.

spreading love and light to you all,


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  1. Love your post! Your words resonate with me and all the work I did in my masters. What you describe in your post is being mindful in every moment and trusting in oneself. Have you ever read or listened to Brene Brown?

    1. Thank you so much! What did you do your masters in? That is very true. I am lacing a theme of mindfulness and trust through my life at the moment. No I haven’t read Brene brown but it has been coming up a lot lately and I feel like I should!!

  2. Damian K says:

    Love it, Danielle. Thank you for your introspective and inspiring words.

    1. Thank you big bro ☺️

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