Picture Unperfect

Here we go again friends – ¬†another update in the truth bomb life of DK. I have a feeling this one might resonate with a few people. Pictures. Photos. Moments captured in time – whatever you like to call them. Being 100% real with you quite often I get nervous to get my picture taken….

Rise & Grind?

Sleep is for the weak. Just keep Hustling. You can sleep when you’re dead. Rise & Grind. These are all things that I used to repeat to myself day in and day out for the past few years. I had to. I had to survive and push for my dream to come true. I couldn’t…

F*** Off Instagram

Ahhh social media. The bizarre world of perfect posing with divine lighting and angles coupled with deep and meaningful captions. Or if you’re cool like that – just three random emojis because you can’t be bothered writing and you just need to get that cute picture out there the for the likes. I get it….